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About Us

Hi there, I'm Matt Williams and I founded GNRL Store in 2017 after an incredibly frustrating discovery.

I purchased a certain 'brand name' products online through a nationally recognized retailer. I was happy with the purchase and thought I was very clever for getting such a good deal on an item worth hundreds of dollars.

However a few months later, a friend returned from a visit to Asia and showed me some of the things he bought. Long story short - I realized one of the items he bought was exactly the same I had bought months earlier, however it was badged differently for the Asian market - and he got it through an Asian retailer for almost 70% cheaper than what I had paid.

I wondered how many other products are the same (or very similar) that are out there that are priced and branded differently for the Asian market and the western market. After realizing how many quality products are out there for such cheap prices in Asia - I decided to launch GNRL Store to provide a service so other people wont get 'stung' like I did just because I live in a western country. 

I work closely with my suppliers in the United States, China and Hong Kong to source these items. Unlike some other online stores that don't openly say they deliver from China or Hong Kong (you only discover it when the package arrives or the delivery notifications are in Chinese), I want to be open about it. And honestly where else can you get great electronics and other items for so cheap?

I enjoy finding and sourcing these items and I look forward to being able to share what I find with you. Also, if your are looking for something similar to whats in our catalog, but we don't have it and you cant find it elsewhere, let me know and Ill see if I can find it for you!

Finally, just to mention that the current focus of GNRL Store is on the United States of America and Australia, however we can and do sell and ship to worldwide, but please get in touch before buying so I can make sure the shipping times and costs aren't too long or too expensive.

(Oh, and the store name? When I was setting up the store I wanted to have a 'general' type store that could cover all the types of things I wanted to source - but obviously the full 'generalstore' url was already taken - so i just took a few vowels out and thought it looked good!)